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Man Cave Wood boat hull (Redmond WA)

Mancave non floating boat

Wood Boat Hull

I would really like to give this to someone who will use it rather than throw it away.

This was a beautiful boat that is sadly being demolished.

Need to get it off the property, would love for it to go to someone who can use it for a project, play house, guest home, tiny home, airBnB, etc.

Has nice wood and huge potential.

The floor is solid, the interior is really nice.

Has kitchen (no appliances), bathroom with full shower, dining table w/cushions, v-berth as bedroom.

All the interior wood is gorgeous, and it has all drawers, cabinet doors, doors, etc.

I would take down the bulkhead between living area and where engines used to be,

and you will have a large single-level home with huge living area or master bedroom

(with vaulted ceilings!)

Ill give you all parts that are left on it you think you could use.

The hull is solid mahogany.

For reference, it was 40 feet long, but now is probably 32 feet.

15 feet at widest, and probably 12 feet tall.

10000 pounds would be an overestimate I believe.

I would love to see this go to a new home rather than destroy and dump.

Mancave Interior

Mancave Head

Mancave Stern View

Mancave Drink Holder