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Gone - 36' Rhodes evergreen (Des Moines WA)

36' Rhodes evergreen

36' Rhodes evergreen

My mast was destroyed in an unfortunate accident at the Des Moines pier.

I can't repair it and have no way to hold onto the boat.


I'm going to try to get a tow to an Anchorage, or you can grab it at the Des Moines marina.

It's a 36' wooden racing sloop from 1946.

The hull is still in great condition.

Someone encased the hull in fiberglass in the 80's and rose the siding 18'' to make it a better livaboard.

There is roughly $5,000 in gear alone.

Boat is from 1946 and in great condition other than the mast.

No damage to the deck was taken when it fell. And all the rigging was saved.

Can plane a new mast for less than $1,500 if you did it yourself.

The boat has

Folding propeller

1 main 2 head 2 Spinnaker sails

48v DC Honda generator

48v battery Bank

48v motor and motor controller

12v house bank

28 lb fluke anchor

80' of heavy chain and rope

Propane stove

Bilge pump

Great indoor lighting

Two sinks

Mini fridge


Coffee maker


Lots of random sailing gear

Just has a broken mast and a little damage to the fiberglass shell.

1943 Rhodes Interior

1943 Rhodes Tall mast

1942 Rhodes Side View