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Grampian 26 $1800 (Hayes VA)

Grampian 26 side view

Grampian 26 - $1800

A great little boat for sale.

Worth Every Penny

I have slowly been working on it over the past few weeks since I acquired it.

I have cleaned it up very well.

She just needs someone who can spend the time on her.

I live 6 hours away so its hard to get here to work on it.

Located at Crown Pointe Marina

 Had a good running Honda 75ho outboard, comes with a spare engine for parts.

Has sails, two anchors, and a new anchor line.

The boat is large enough for me to walk around in comfortably at 6 foot tall.

Built to sleep 5 people.

Great for a guy who just wants a cheap place to live.

The marina she is at is fantastic with all amenities.

She is hooked up to off shore power.

Just needs a good refit, or great just as she is.

Grampian 26 port view

Grampian 26 Vee Birth

Grampian 26 on Deck