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Gone - 1970 Conyplex contest 25 sailboat - $200 (St Pete FL)

Sailboat $200

Great project boat with good bones and lots of interior teak.

The boat needs some a lot of work - we don't have time to restore it.

The stanchions are damaged and the lifeline is off on one side of the boat.

There are some port leaks so there is some freshwater in the boat. At one point there may have been more water in the boat as you can see a higher barnacle line on the outside (I don't know if this was due to a storm, whether it was freshwater or saltwater - I think fresh). Inboard motor does not run - you'll need to replace the motor or change to outboard (the motor appears to be completely rusted through). You'll probably want to bring a small outboard to get the boat out of it's current dock or pay someone to tow it out.

I'm basically giving this boat away for free.

I'd like $200 to help defray costs I've had since owning the boat - I relocated it to help out a neighbor who needed it gone - and we contemplated doing the restoration but just don't have the time. I'd like it moved as soon as possible.

So although there is much work to do to restore this boat - it is restorable and it's a great price.

Conyplex 25 sailboat interior