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Gone Three free sailboats (Alameda CA)

Free Sailboat take 3

(3) sailboats for the taking. 

You don't need to be the first to respond, so relax. Since this is not an offering for the common, I will take my time to find a person who truly can handle it. You will need to be the most-convincing, not the most-speedy responder. I will not start to contact an interested party until at least one week from today (that puts it to Aug 26).


1. One 1970's Ericson 26. She is in decent shape, no leak.

I think there is one sail. The first 10 photos are of this boat.


2. One 1970's Santana 27. The mast has broken, so there is no rigging.

No leak. No sail. The second 10 photos are of this boat.


3. One V-Tech 18. Mast and rigging in tact. No leak. No sail.


All three boats have no leak.

They have been sitting at the dock for at least 5 years, so for sure by now there is heavy barnacle growth below waterline and spider webs and dust inside.

There is no motor in this offer, even though one picture was taken with a motor.


1. I want someone who can take all of them together. No need to ask if OK to take just one.

2. These boats were signed over to me in the past 15 years, but I never went to DMV to register.

And I no longer have those title documents. So you will need to have the means to get the registration done.

It apparently can be done because I had given one boat away before in the same fashion; the taker did it somehow.

3. Interested taker needs to tell me how you plan to take possession of the boats, where you are gonna dock them, what you are gonna do with them, etc.

Not that I care how you benefit from them, I just don't want you to get into something you can't handle, and end up creating a bad situation.

Please be prepared to prove your plan (like if you say you have space for them).

4. The final taker needs to produce a valid identification, and sign agreement taking responsibility of the boats going forward.

interior free sailboat 1

Free Sailboat bow

Free Sailboat must take

Free Sailboat interior 2

Free Sailboat deck

Free Sailboat with mast

Free Sailboat Additionals