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Gone - Morgan 30-2 Sailboat (Pleasant Lake MI)

30 morgan exterior

Morgan 30-2 sailboat

!! Gone !!

I listed this boat already once and had a great response

but after two of the "takers"  bailed out

and the rest of the people on my list have not

responded back after I re opened the giveaway.   She is listed again.

This is a 1973 Morgan 30-2.  

she is currently in Pleasant Lake Michigan,   

all equipment, mast, sails, included. 

everything to make her sail again. 

She has an Atomic 4 engine.  

The deck was repaired and repainted in 2015.   

She comes with a cradle.  

This boat is available to anyone who can come get her.  

She will need to be professionally shipped.


Morgan port side

Morgan 30-2 cockpit

Morgan 30-2 on deck

Morgan 30-2 Hatch

Morgan 30-2 deck hatch

Morgan 30-2 bow

Morgan 30-2 engine

Morgan 30-2 interior

Morgan 30-2 interior work

Morgan 30-2 vee birth

Morgan 30-2 head

Morgan 30-2 vbirth cutout

Morgan sailboats have a rich history and a reputation for their quality craftsmanship and excellent performance on the water. Founded by Charles Morgan in the mid-1960s, Morgan Yachts quickly gained recognition for their innovative designs and attention to detail. Over the years, Morgan sailboats have become beloved by sailors around the world.

One of the defining features of Morgan sailboats is their solid construction. They were built to be sturdy and seaworthy, capable of handling challenging conditions with ease. The hulls were made of solid fiberglass, which provided durability and strength. This made Morgan sailboats suitable for both cruising and racing, as they were able to withstand the demands of the open ocean.

Another notable aspect of Morgan sailboats is their excellent sailing performance. The design of the hull and rigging was optimized for speed and efficiency, allowing sailors to experience exhilarating sailing experiences. Morgan sailboats were known for their ability to maintain good speed even in light winds, making them a favorite choice for sailors who wanted to enjoy comfortable cruising or participate in competitive racing.

In addition to their performance, Morgan sailboats were also praised for their comfortable and well-designed interiors. The cabins were thoughtfully laid out, offering ample storage space, comfortable berths, and functional galleys. Morgan Yachts paid attention to the smallest details, ensuring that the interiors were not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical and livable for extended periods on board.

One of the most iconic Morgan sailboat models is the Morgan 41 Out Island. Introduced in the 1970s, this model quickly gained popularity among sailors seeking a spacious and reliable cruising vessel. The Morgan 41 Out Island featured a center cockpit layout, providing excellent visibility and a secure feeling while underway. With its generous interior space, it became a popular choice for liveaboard sailors and long-distance cruisers.

Over the years, Morgan Yachts produced a wide range of sailboat models, catering to various needs and preferences. From smaller coastal cruisers to larger offshore passage makers, there was a Morgan sailboat to suit every sailor's desires. The company's commitment to quality and innovation allowed them to stay competitive in the ever-evolving sailboat market.