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Gone Free 1972 SILVERTON 30 ft Fiberglass Fixer-up (Webster MA)

FREE! 1972 SILVERTON 30 ft

11ft Beam. Fiberglass, No dents. Sea Worthy.

Skeleton -Fixer-up Fishing/Pleasure Boat.

Heavy Duty Fiberglass Hall in excellent condition, No dents. Great Facade.

No Engine, No Transmition.

Free Boat also includes, free: 2 large Fuel Tanks, Stainless Railing, Edge Guard, 2 Refrigs., Toilet, Kitchen Counter with Waste Tank, Dining Settee, Sleeps 6.

No Trailer. Boat on stands ready for transport. Large trailer required.


Also available: 400 Hp Chrysler Industrial with special hydro transmission, both rebuilt and sitting on pallet $500.00 for both.