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Cheoy Lee Pilothouse (Palm Bay FL)

81 Cheoy Lee

Cheoy Lee Pilothouse

This is a potentially wonderful blue water boat that can take you anywhere in the world.

It is a motor sailor Pilot house with a large diesel engine,

huge motoring range, and very large fresh water tanks.

It is a ketch rig which is actually easier to single hand sail if necessary.

The boat moved to its current location on the hard about 17 years ago.

At that time, it was in great shape but a slight exterior "refresh" was started.

Time, several hurricanes, some open hatches, and mother nature has taken its toll on the interior and the current owner has too full of a plate to do what is necessary.

This is a great opportunity to get a boat that would value at well over $100k in working order.

One of these exact models, in extremely good condition, recently sold for over $200k.

Most of the hardware is included as well as a decent set of sails.

The main mast is included but the mizzen is missin'.

The boat is free but it has to be moved immediately.

I have a crane and mover available on 12/23 if you want to pay them (best rate you will find) but otherwise moving will be at your expense.

Keep in mind this boat displaces around 18 tons and is over 13' wide and 12' tall. 

'81 Cheoy Lee Pilothouse MS sailboat

 Cheoy Lee Pilothouse Stern

Cheoy Lee Pilothouse cockpit

 Cheoy Lee Pilothouse birth

 Cheoy Lee Pilothouse Galley

Cheoy Lee Setae

Cheoy Lee Engine