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Bayliner Sailboat (Mission Bay CA)

Bayliner sailboat

Bayliner Sailboat

Needs a couple hundred in registration and she is yours!

Must find a new owner within the next couple days before she gets cut up.

This is a photo of the actual boat I am giving away 

She is very dirty and needs a good cleaning...

All paper work in order legal title.

I will help with the DMV transfer to your name

She is a 1982 Bayliner 27 foot motor sailer and has a motor

I believe a 4cyl volvo diesel and transmission and an aluminum gas tank

Please save this sailboat from a fate worst than death!

Oh I guess for a sailboat getting cut up into pieces is death...

This could be a good little boat if someone would put some elbow grease into her...

she has a lot of life left!

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