30 foot 1979 Trojan (Mebane NC)

30 foot 1979 trojan

30 foot 1979 trojan

Free hull

NO interior or motors

stored inside for a decade+.

I'm never going to start on it.

NO TRAILER and none to borrow

Interior and engine room are gutted

Was set up for dual inboards, but as it sits, you could do I/O or even outboards with a bracket.

If you can find a company to move it, it will likely be $2000 plus permit fees

Let me know if you want it and when you're going to pick it up and I will let you in to get it.

First come first serve

Boat (Hull) is REALLY in good shape--no rot or stress -- and no soft spots at all

You Must take it when you come to see it - You can Google dimensions

This is no small task- you will need a triple axle trailer, Jacks, jack stands (or blocks)

You need a permit to "legally" move it on a NC road

Please be prepared to take it on your first visit