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26' Haida sailboat (Victoria BC)

26' Haida sailboat

Free 26' Haida sailboat

sailboat that needs to go or I'm having it hauled out to the dump.

If you can take it, tow it or move it to a slip at the marina please do. 

This is first come/first serve.

I can send the appropriate papers to the marina office.

It's 26', the hull and keel are in good shape as well as the mast but the upper deck and interior wood is rotten.

It will have at least a foot of water inside after this rainfall.

Vessel Name: Sea Shanty

This is a project boat, too much of one for myself and I live too far away.

If you can give it a better home please let me know, it still is seaworthy if you tow it with another boat.

I'll throw in about 6 sails as well from my storage locker.