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23 ODay Sailboat (Efland NC)

23 oday side view

23 foot O'Day Sailboat 

You move it and it is yours.

It does not have a trailer.

We used this as a playhouse for our children,

so we drilled a few small holes in the bottom so it would drain.

Of course if you want to make it seaworthy again,

the holes will have to be patched.

It is currently sitting on sand right next to our driveway.

A large roll-back should be able to move it fairly easily.

I think it was built in the mid-1970's,

but I don't have any history on the boat.

We bought it from a dealer in Bridgeton, NC,

who had taken it on a trade-in.

I have the rudder and the mast, and even a small beat-up dinghy.

23 oday starbird side

23 oday mast

23 oday needs cleaning

23 oday bow