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22 Columbia on trailer (South NH)

22 Columbia midget ocean racer Port Front

 An older (1960's version) Columbia 22 sailboat

 This is known as a midget ocean racer.  

 It has a fin keel of steel and an inboard rudder with an inboard tiller.  

 There is a well in the cockpit for an outboard such as 25 horsepower for propulsion which does not come with the boat.  

 This was built when they built boats with very thick fiberglass, so the hull is nearly an inch thick.  

 It comes with mast, boom and rigging.  

 A recent sail and jib are included.  

 This boat has very high freeboard, and takes strong seas very safely.  

 There is no galley or head on board.  

 The hatch and companionway work.  

 There is a forward hatch with a solar ventilation fan which is damaged.  

 The boat has no leaks but does have scuffs and such.  

 The boat comes with a sturdy tandem axle trailer with adjustable screw stands built into the frame.  

 Wheels hold air and it has a 2 1/2 inch ball hitch arrangement.  
 The boat is located in Southern New Hampshire, and can be hauled away anytime the new owner is ready.  

 Neither the boat or trailer have titles as they were not required in the state of New Hampshire.

22 Columbia midget ocean racer Steel keel

22 Columbia midget Racer interior

22 Columbia port bow

22 columbia stern view