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1980's Carver Riviera (Punta Gorda FL)

1980's Carver Riviera

1980's Carver Riviera


I have a clean title and ready to meet you at a DMV for the transfer anytime.

It does NOT run. Engines are bad, only good for scrap.

Has partially sunk, but only the bottom 5 feet.

Would be worth something to someone with a shop or yard to work on it with,
or to piece out and break down the hardware and components.

It is floating, ready to be towed

I left town for a few weeks and found it had been vandalized and robbed,
now, after all the time I spent on it, I have lost progress and interest in continuing the project.

I'm not trying to sell it or make any money back from it, so if you have skills and time, take the deal.

Carver Riviera free boat