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1977 Balboa 26 (Eliot NH)

26 Balboa '77

1977 Balboa 26

foot sailboat with retractable keel, and self righting mast.

The boat is trailerable, so if you have a trailer the right size, it can be towed to lakes, etc.

All sails have been stored indoors, and the boat had been covered(until 2 years ago)

More than likely needs to be hauled away by a boat hauling company.

I think the transition from the stands directly to a trailer would be too difficult without some kind of lift.

 i had someone come to "take the boat" last summer, and in the process of not listening to my advice

of getting the boat hauled by a boat company,

and claiming he could get the boat onto a trailer by himself, he dropped the boat off the stands,

missed his trailer, and the boat now sits on the ground, with a broken rudder, off the stands,

and the guy who dropped it left it as is, and took off back to Georgia.

Balboa on stands stern

Balboa interior

77 Balboa Port side on stands