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1974 28 ft. Pearson Sailboat (Norfolk VA)

1974 28 ft. Pearson Sailboat

1974 28 ft Pearson Sailboat

Boat was auctioned using the Storage Lien Process.

We do not have a title or keys to this boat.

Nor do we have a history of maintenance or seaworthiness.

Boat will be sold as is and any potential buyers will be given a packet

to send to Inland Fisheries to be able to get the boat into their name. 

Boat is currently floating above the water line. Boat has no life lines.

No outboard. Bottom of the boat will need to be cleaned.

No mast.

Boat takes on a small amount of fresh water because the companionway door needs to be fixed.

Again the boat is sold in as is condition. Free

DO NOT know if it runs.

Willoughby Marina