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18 catamaran sail boat and trailer (Meredith NH)

Free Catamaran sailboat

Free 18' catamaran sail boat and trailer

FREE to a new home.

there is fiberglass damage from a limb/tree that fell on it that we discovered today.

It appears to have fallen on top and compress the hull enough to make a 9-18" long horizontal crack half way up the hull.

Sails are in good condition, did not see any holes or tears. Approx 18ft Chrysler catamaran.

Is on a trailer that will go with it but the wheels may not be road worthy so something to figure out there possibly. 

It is 40yds off the road so you will want 4wd to tow it out. You will also want a car jack, some 4x4s, or 2x4s and screws to reinforce the wooden cradle that rests on the trailer frame.

 See photos for the fiberglass damage.

18 catamaran hull work needed

catamaran free needs work